Dr. Christy Kithil Naturopathic Doctor Santa Fe

Dr. Christy Kithil

Naturopathic Doctor

About Christy Kithil

Christy Kithil has been in practice as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2013. She works at St. Francis Health Center in Santa Fe New Mexico and serves patients from Santa Fe and surrounding areas. Her practice is centered around Health Equity, Community Health and Primary Care. She is a compassionate listener and blends both alternative medicine and conventional medical approaches to tailor treatments to each  individual’s unique set of needs and desires.

Dr Christy Kithil Naturopathic Doctor Santa Fe

She uses Naturopathic treatments such as herbs, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, as well as incorporating judicious use of pharmaceuticals when necessary. She strives to make Naturopathic medicine a practical, accessible, and normal part of routine healthcare.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a paradigm of healthcare guided by the following principles:


Wherever possible, start with the least invasive and most supportive treatments.


The body and nature have an innate ability to return to a healthful state.

identify and treat the causes-christy kithil naturopathic doctor santa fe

Identify obstacles to health and work toward removing them to assist the body in restoring homeostasis.

the physicithe-healing-power-of-nature-christy-kithil-naturopathic-doctor-santa-fean as teacher-christy kithil naturopathic doctor santa fe

Provide patients with knowledge to make informed decisions about how to reach health goals using their own intuition and personal experience.

treat the whole person-christy kithil naturopathic doctor santa fe

Each patient has their own set of physical, emotional, spiritual, hereditary and social dynamics contributing to their health- treatments are tailored to each individual’s unique position in life

prevention-christy kithil naturopathic doctor santa fe

The foundation of health is rooted in daily choices which can promote health and prevent disease processes.

What is Naturopathic Primary Care?

Naturopathic Primary Care is the application of the above principles to the standard practice of conventional routine and acute healthcare.

Primary care is a medical subspecialty in itself- providers are well versed in annual screening exams for cancer prevention as well as being a Jack/Jill of all medical conditions and standard of care treatments. Primary care providers are central to helping a patient navigate all their health needs.

Naturopathic Medicine is also a medical subspecialty, providing treatment with herbs, homeopathy, nutritional supplements and manual therapies to treat medical conditions- either as stand alone treatment- or in concert with conventional treatments. Naturopathic therapies can build a strong foundation of health and help reduce the need for medications or mitigate side effects in the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Working as a Naturopathic Primary Care Provider requires blending knowledge from both the alternative medical and conventional medical worlds while keeping in line with the Naturopathic principles and supporting each individual on their health journey.

As a Naturopathic Primary Care Provider, Dr. Christy includes the following areas of focus in her practice:

Transgender Affirming Care - Christy Kithil Naturopathic Doctor

Gender Affirming Care and Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy

Integrative Mental Health treatment - Christy Kithil Naturopathic Doctor Santa Fe

Integrative Mental Health treatment for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia

Women’s Health including treatment - Christy Kithil Naturopathic Doctor Santa Fe

Women’s Health including treatment of Hypothyroidism; Hormonal Support during Perimenopause, Menopause and Preconception/Fertility; and Contraception Management including IUD Placement/Removal

Naturopathic Treatment via herbs - christy kithil naturopathic doctor santa fe

Naturopathic Treatment via herbs, nutritional supplements and homeopathy for chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Autoimmune Disease (alone or alongside pharmaceutical management).

Sublingual immunotherapy for treatment of Seasonal Allergies

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Dr. Christy is currently taking insurance or cash payment for services. She will work for you as your Primary Care Provider, or as a Naturopathic Specialist (if you already have a Primary Care Provider). Please contact St Francis Health Center  to inquire about insurance coverage for Dr. Christy’s services.

The road for Naturopathic licensure in New Mexico as well as insurance coverage for Naturopaths is being paved day by day with much advocacy by individual Naturopaths as well as work by the New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians. For more information on how you can support the advocacy process for Naturopaths, please visit the New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians website.